Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire Technology Risk and Resilience; IT/Cyber Security; Penetration Testing: Data Privacy (GDPR); Business Continuity; Disaster Recovery; Risk Management; Information Governance; ISO Standards accreditation and AI space.

We follow strict forensic procedures with integrity and reliability and we offer…..

  • A professional approach to our professional, intelligent and reliable solutions
  • Rapid response time
  • Global coverage
  • 24/7 services

We have the capability and flexibility to work on case of extreme emergency at short notice.

Our services are used in Criminal Matters, Civil Litigation, Employment Disputes, Intellectual Property theft, IT Incidents, Insolvency Matters and many more.

Our Services:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness consultation and training
  • Data Mapping
  • Technology Risk
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (ISO 22301)
  • ISO Accreditation Support for:
    • ISO 17020 – Crime Scenes
    • ISO 17025:2005 – Forensic Laboratories
    • Transition from 17025:2005 to 17025:2017
    • ISO 27001 and family
    • ISO 31000 –  Risk Management
    • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IT Security Support
  • Digital Forensic Search & Seizure
  • Forensic imaging and data acquisitions
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Mobile Phone Forensic
  • Penetration Testing
  • eDiscovery Processing and Reviews
  • eDiscovery Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness
  • Research & Development (Digital Forensic, Mobile Phone Forensic and eDisclosure tools and techniques)
  • Training on all the services offerings above.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI and Machine Learning)
  • Insider Threat strategies and programs